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WebLaunch inserts data tag for the song played in user-defined URL and opens an external browser.It can be used to open the website of the artist, get information from Allmusic.com , search for videos on YouTube, Google search, find guitar tabs, and so on.Requirements: Amarok · · Python 2.5Usage: Once the script has been installed and running, Righ-click anywhere on the Reading List for access to menu.To WebLaunch Add / Remove URL or change the default browser, edit the configuration file (~ /. kde / share / apps / amarok / scripts-data / weblaunch.conf) and restart script. Valid for placeholders in the query data label are "% album artist%'' 'and'% title '. If for any reason you ruin the file, just delete, restart the script, and a default file should be added again.What's new in this version: Use · browser preferences in Amarok. · Configuration file opens in the default text editor KDE If any game by the user. · Simpler configuration file.

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Publisher/Developer: David Farran

Release Date: Aug 12, 2012

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