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bed 0.2.25 GPL

A DataFormat binary editor. Bed is a binary variable editor.Menu DataFormat led binary editor. Data

UNFS3 0.9.22 BSD License

A user-space application of the NFS (Network File System) is a user-space unfs3 implementation of

Sion 0.1.0 GPL

easily manage connections to file systems remotely! Zion is a frontend to easily manage connections

NVClock 0.8 Beta 4 GPL

A small utility to overclock the NVIDIA graphics cards. Nvclock is a small utility that allows

xdiff-ext 0.2.0 BSD License

Compare files easily Diff-ext is an extension for file managers like Nautilus, Konqueror, Thunar

GtkHash 0.2.1 GPL

A GTK + utility for computing message digests or checksums using the mhash library. GtkHash GTK +

TextRoom 0.5.3 GPL

A modified version of Kommander script Notepad. TextRoom software is a modified version of

UDFclient 0.7.1 Artistic License

A implementation of userspace filingsystem UDF as defined by the group Osta. UDFclient project is a

Linux Bluetooth Remote Control 0.6.4 GPL

Linux Bluetooth Remote Control is a small program for Java 2 ME and Bluetooth device to control a