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Simple_XOSD Amarok is a script that displays a small OSD on the screen that shows you information about the song that currently playing. By default it is located in the upper right corner of the screen (leaving enough room for buttons on the title bar of course). It shows the artist's name and time remaining of current track. Personalization: Simple_XOSD is easy to customize. You can set the location, the text (size, color, font itself) and the interval update (one second by default). But you do not - Simple_XOSD * should * work outside the "box". Requirements: amaroK · 1.2 or newer · · Python Bindings for Python DCOP XOSD · for Python users XOSDGentoo ·: run "emerge xosd pyosd dcoppython." (Perhaps you need the package xosd hidden) I do not know how to install packages on other distributions, sorry.What's new in this version: Fixed a bug with special characters such as German umlauts. These characters are now displayed correctly in the OSD.

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Publisher/Developer: Jens Rutschmann

Release Date: Aug 12, 2012

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