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Scivi is a visualization plugin for X Multimedia System. SCIVI plugin uses 3D hardware acceleration, but not really 3D.Here some key features of "SCIVI": • Low CPU utilization due to the 3D hardware acceleration. All effects including alterations of 'images potentially complex and expensive are made in hardware. Language Scripts So if you have a fast video card, your CPU more than an hour will be slowed! · Powerful C-style will help you program your own presets nice! The display is under your control! Onion render window support. Put a nice video effect on your desktop! This feature is a window manager dependent. KDE and GNOME probably will not press 'V' to switch to root mode window. · Full-screen rendering. Planned.Requirements: • A rapid 3D T & L video card with accelerated OpenGL. · GLX version 1.3 is preferred, but 1.2 should work with restrictions on Some GLX version 1.2 is used, the screen must be at least mode 24bpp color depth appropriate to get results. GLX 1.3 to 15bpp or 16bpp mode can be used - making house is made 24bpp · XMMSWhat New in this version: * Added SCIVI control window for onion Create windowed mode configuration file if one does not exist • Further improvement of sleep based fps Contol added to work with Linux 2.6 kernels o minor bugfixes

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Publisher/Developer: Vitaly V. Bursov

Release Date: Aug 15, 2012

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