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Pure Data

Pure Data (Pd) is a free real-time computer software package for music like Max. It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and IRIX.Requirements: · CCM / TkInstallation: the rapid build instructions for Linux or Mac OSX (assuming for Mac OSX you Tck / Tk is installed): Change " src "subdirectory. type ". / configure", adding any additional flags as follows: To enable ALSA 0.9x (latest), add "- enable-alsa". To enable as ALSA 0.5x, add "- enable-old-alsa". To enable RME Ritsch of 9652 driver, add - enable-rm ". To put Pd in / usr / bin instead of / usr / local / bin, add" - prefix = / bin "." Make depend "finally" make ", or if you prefer, as superusertype" make install ". Pd To run, type the full path as in / home / me / pd / bin / pd, or else if you chose" make install ", just type" PD ".

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Publisher/Developer: Pure Data Team

Release Date: Aug 13, 2012

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