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FileArchiveIndexer::IndexingRun 1.29 Perl Artistic Licens

FileArchiveIndexer: IndexingRun is an abstraction in Perl indexing run.SYNOPSIS use

HTML::Tested::ClassDBI 0.19 Perl Artistic Licens

html:: Tested:: ClassDBI is a Perl module that enhances HTML:: Tested to work with class :: MyClass

crypt_file 1.21 Perl Artistic Licens

crypt_file is a Perl module to encrypt (and decrypt) Perl crypt_file files.SYNOPSIS [- list-file =

Net::Trackback::Ping 1.01 Perl Artistic Licens

Net:: Trackback:: Ping is a Perl object representing a Trackback ping.SYNOPSIS use Net::

Net::Telnet::Cisco 1.10 Perl Artistic Licens

Net:: Telnet:: Cisco is a Perl module to interact with a net router.SYNOPSIS use Cisco:: Telnet::

slackget10::Base 0.12c Perl Artistic Licens

slackget10:: Base is a Perl module which can centralize some base methods useful to

Pod::Parser 1.35 Perl Artistic Licens

Pod:: Parser is a Perl base class for creating POD filters and use translators.SYNOPSIS Pod::

Mail::SPF::Record 2.005 Perl Artistic Licens

Mail:: SPF:: Record is an abstract base class for SPF records.SYNOPSISCreating a recording of a

Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segments 1.5.2_102 Perl Artistic Licens

Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segments is a Perl module that conatins the "segments" glyph.SYNOPSISSee L<

Tie::RefHash::Weak 0.08 Perl Artistic Licens

Tie: RefHash:: Low is a Tie:: RefHash subclass with weakened references in the use keys.SYNOPSIS