OSSP sio 0.9.3

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OSSP sio

OSSP sio is an I / O abstraction library for layered stream communication. OSSP sio is an I / O abstraction library for layered stream communication.It has been built to deal effectively with complex I / O protocols and includes functionality to filter and multiplex data streams.Its modular structure is fully supported by the underlying OSSP al library.What data buffer of the new in this version: § An audit Autoconf is scheduled for va_copy (d, s) macro. · The build environment was upgraded to GNU autoconf 2.59, GNU libtool 1.5.20 and GNU shtool 2.0.3. • The embedded sub-libraries have been upgraded to SA 1.2.6 OSSP and OSSP al 0.9.3. · OSSP support was set by former in-house using a non-conflicting namespace for API OSSP ex.

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Release Date: Aug 11, 2012

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