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Dirty Water 0.1.0 GPL

Dirty Water Project is a custom MUD server.Dirty Water is a source MUD server / engine written in


NFMCA project is a MUD client with basic features in the form of a Java applet.The GUI is written

JMud 0.24 GPL

JMud is an experimental MUD server written in Java.JMud is a MUD server written in Java from

gtinyfugue 0.1 GPL

gtinyfugue project is a GUI for tinyfugue.Tinyfugue is a very popular MUD/MUSH command line client

tnMUD 0.5.1 GPL

tnMUD project is a flexible and modular MUD server.tnMUD is MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) server written

EmeraldMoo 0.0.3a GPL

EmeraldMoo project is a series of patches to make lambdamoo better.EmeraldMoo is a series of