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Autocomp is an accompaniment generator written in Perl and Csound.It takes as input text file containing chord changes, and the time signature and information bpm, and released a Csound. SCO file containing a simple arrangement of these changes. A Csound sample. Orc file containing an electric bass, a selection of keyboard instruments, and a small-sample kit is based provided.Requirements: · Perl ( · Csound (http://www. Csound . com). [-vh]-i [-n] [-dbkrc]-v - display version number and exit-h - help Display information and exits-i - Sets the input file-s - possibly setting the style (default Swing)-o - optionally set the output file (default name of input file with the extension and stripped. sco appended)-d - Battery switches (0 - off, 1 - on, for default)-b - toggle low (0 - off, 1 - on by default)-k - buttons switch (0 - no keys, 1 - Rhodes 2 - Wurlitzer, 3 - Hammond, 4 - vibraphone, rhodes default )-r - number of repetitions of Music (default 0)-c - number of bars in-count (default 0) Ex: autumnleaves.txtThis creates a SCO. autumnleaves.sco file named with the default Swing style.To listen to the file, you need to invoke csound on him, something like:-o csound devaudio comp.orc autumnleaves.sco

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Publisher/Developer: Wayne Myers

Release Date: Aug 14, 2012

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