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Dirty Water

Dirty Water Project is a custom MUD server.Dirty Water is a source MUD server / engine written in OCaml. It is designed to be MUDs.We much more advanced and realistic and encourage role play more Diku style using a high-level language that seems to give a code-base, which is much easier to modify, maintain and to understand. We estimated that O'Caml would make a good choice for that language, even if we agreed since the scheme would be a better choice. While our code is licensed under the GNU GPL.What new in this version: · can pick up objects · · can see the inventory that you can specify the 1st, 2nd, etc. in respect of your photos that are not buildings or collect yourself · Don 't you see in the room descriptions

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5 stars

Publisher/Developer: Sean Proctor

Release Date: Aug 15, 2012

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